About Me

I am the SHIFT Associate Professor of Applied Ethics at Hampshire College. I am a co-editor of Radical Philosophy Review and the Senior Managing Editor of Global Insecurity, the Security in Context Blog. I am also a researcher with Capital One’s UX-ML team where I focus on responsible AI.* I wear many hats! I also wear a few belts–specifically a second dan black belt in WTF/ITF Tae Kwon Do and a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 

My teaching and research take place at the intersection of social-political philosophy, applied ethics, critical race theory, conflict resolution, decolonial theory, and global studies. I am equipped to teach a range of courses that draw on my international research and I am eager to take students out of the classroom to more fully ground their studies in local or global encounters. 

I am also interested in the fine arts, martial arts, and being outside. I especially enjoy remote and isolated spaces. Most of all I like spending time with my family.


I can be contacted via email: dr.fourlas [at] gmail [dot] com


*Any opinions expressed in my writing are solely my own and not representative of Capital One.