Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D., Philosophy, University of Oregon, 2014

Dissertation: Justice as Reconciliation: Political Theory in a World of Difference

Committee—Naomi Zack (Chair), Cheyney Ryan (Chair), Rocío Zambrana, Shaul Cohen

M.A., Philosophy, University of Oregon, 2010

B.A., Philosophy & Legal Studies, University of San Francisco, 2007

Areas of Specialization and Competence

Ethics; Social-Political Philosophy; Philosophy of Race; Decolonial Theory (esp. Philosophy of Liberation); History of Philosophy; Global Studies; Conflict Resolution


2021. Monograph—Anti-Colonial Solidarity: Race, Reconciliation, and MENA Liberation (Rowman and Littlefield, Explorations in Contemporary Social-Political Philosophy)

2020. “The “Unknown” Middle Easterner: Post-Racial Anxieties and Anti-MENA Racism Throughout Colonized Space Time” (forthcoming, Critical Philosophy of Race)

2020. Guest editor and contributor, Strategies of Resistance, special issue of Radical Philosophy Review (

2018. “The Ants and the Elephant: Martial Arts and Liberation Philosophy in the Americas,” Comparative Studies in Asian and Latin American Philosophies: Cross-Cultural Theories and Methodologies, Bloomsbury Press (ISBN: 9781350007888)

2016. “A Politics of Reconciliation: Trust, Legitimacy, and the Need for Truth Commissions,” Journal for Peace and Justice Studies, Volume 25, Number 2

2016. “No Future Without Transition: A Critique of Liberal Peace,” International Journal of Transitional Justice (DOI: 10.1093/ijtj/iju029)

* Translated to Turkish and Reprinted in Hafıza Merkezi (

2015. “Being a Target: On the Racialization of Middle Eastern Americans,” Critical Philosophy of Race (DOI:10.5325/critphilrace.3.1.0101)


2021. “What If They Busted Down Your Door? A Critique of José Mendoza’s The Moral and Political Philosophy of Immigration,” The Pluralist (forthcoming)

2020. “Genealogies of Terrorism: Revolution, State Violence, Empire,” Contemporary Political Theory (DOI: 10.1057/s41296-020-00395-4)

2015. “Post-Racial Violence, Mourning, and Possible Futures: Review of The Post-Racial Limits of Memorialization,” Radical Philosophy Review (DOI: 10.5840/radphilrev201619380)

2014. “The Battle For The Future – A Review of Daniel Innerarity’s The Future And Its Enemies: In Defense of Political Hope,” Philosophy and Social Criticism (DOI:10.1177/0191453714548504)


2019. “Burger King Will Not Set Us Free: Student Loan Debt as a Systemic Injustice” RPAMag (

2018. “Committee on Historical Complaints of Sexual Harassment,” Hampshire College (

Academic Appointments

SHIFT Assistant Professor of Applied Ethics, Hampshire College, School of Critical Social Inquiry and The Ethics and the Common Good Project (2017 – Present)

Visiting Assistant Professor, Applied Ethics and Political Theory, Hampshire College, School of Critical Social Inquiry and The Ethics and the Common Good Project (2015 – 2017)

Researcher, The Institute for Democratic Governance, Globernance, /Donostia/San Sebastian, Euskal Herria/Spain (2013 – 2017)

Visiting Instructor, Worcester State University (2014 – 2015)

Graduate Teaching Fellow and Instructor, University of Oregon, Philosophy (2009 – 2014)

Teaching (Selected)

CSI 327—Working with Theory: Philosophical Methods for Division III (S 2020)

CSI 195—Liberalism and its Critics: Intro to Political Philosophy (F 2015, S 2020)

CSI 132—Let’s Get Free! Ethics and Politics of Liberation (F 2019)

PHIL 100/101—Introduction to Philosophy (UO, Sr 2010; WSU, S 2019)

PHIL 151—Race, Gender, and the Law (WSU S 2015 x 2; S 2019 x 2)

PHIL 177—Introduction to Latin American Philosophy (F, S 2017)

CSI 280—East/West and Decolonial Theory (F 2019)

CSI 347—Art of Collaborative Leadership (Co-taught with Daniel Ross, S 2018)

CSI 142—Reclaiming the Commons: An Ethics for a Possible World (S 2018)

CSI 241—Autonomism and Labor (F 2017)

CSI 147—Communicative Ethics (F 2017)

CSI 137—Prisons, Policing, and Punishment (S 2017)

CSI 202—Ethics of Liberation (S 2017)

CSI 147T—Ethics and the Common Good (First Year Tutorial, F 2016)

CSI 243—Global Justice: Rights, Reparations, and Peace (F 2016)

CSI 290—Postmodernity and Politics (Co-taught with Margaret Cerullo, S 2016)

CSI 196—Criminal, Illegal, Terrorist: Intro to Philosophy of Race (S 2016)

CSI 253—Reconciling Conflict, Theory and Practice (S 2016)

CSI 275—East/West and the Decolonial Project (F 2015)

PHIL 231—Philosophy of Law (WSU Sr 2015)

PHIL 110—Critical Thinking (WSU S 2015)

PHIL 133—Social and Political Ethics (WSU F 2014, 2018; S 2019; Sr 2019)

PHIL 131—Introduction to Ethics (WSU F 2014; S 2015)

PHIL 216—Philosophy and Cultural Diversity (University of Oregon (UO), W 2012)

PHIL 102—Ethics (UO, W 2010)

PHIL 170—Love and Sex (UO, S 2010)

PHIL 344—Intro to Philosophy of Law (UO, F 2010)

PHIL 311—Modern Philosophy (UO, W 2011)

PHIL 307—Social and Political Philosophy (UO, Fall 2011)

CRES 410—Justice, Reconciliation, and Community (UO, Fall 2010, 2011)